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This will probably be one of my only statements about this “Love and Hip Hop” thing.

They persisted in asking me to come to do the episode. However, the entertainment industry can turn family to enemies. When your ego becomes bigger than your ambition, that’s when you lose yourself. If he ever decided to use his abilities the right way he could be something great. If Nikko wasn’t so obviously thirsty for fame, and K.

I live in LA now and they (LHHATL) continuously reached out to me to do the show, but I turned down. I didn’t want to appear on this show again for various reasons. Funny story is my father actually owned a big roller skating rink in Brooklyn back in the day. My dad came to visit me in Atlanta last year and when they met, they remembered each other from back in the day. Only thing is, I got caught in the crossfire because we were working on the musical project together. Michelle liked him, she would’ve came out and said this video is dope!

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