Camchat free - Ak anchorage dating hot man

I am considering an engineering position in Anchorage.

I've read the posts about the various cities and reviews of a few restaurants and bars so I won't bore you with those questions.

As of yet, I haven't seen any mention of the dating scene in Anchorage?

Wikipedia shows a fair number of people in my age demographic (though I always question those censuses).

I'm 28 and was curious if its difficult to meet intelligent, "dateable" folks?

The family life is important to me at some point in my life and would figure the ladies up there are more likely to enjoy the same great outdoors.

I played rugby for 6 years and consider myself to be a relatively social bastard despite the stigma of my chosen career.

Generally speaking in Houston, I've had difficulty meeting decent women with any amount of intelligence and sanity.

For example, I actually went out with a girl last Thursday who stated, "I hate going outside. No thanks." I couldn't make that up if I tried.

Anyway, where do you meet them and do they enjoy the outdoors?

By all means, I'd love a women's perspective of the dating scene as well.

Here's where you can meet singles in Anchorage, Alaska.


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