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The transformation of the heavy detailing of Georgian architecture to the more delicate design of the Federal style is exemplified in the new muntin profiles of the windows at the turn of the 19th century.

The window featured here is from the Kirk Boott House, built in 1823 by the Merrimack Manufacturing Company for its manager.

The window exhibits the most current architectural style among New England’s upper class.

The window sash are counterbalanced; the muntins are characteristically thin; and the panes, measuring 12 by 18 inches, are considerably larger than those of typical Georgian windows.

This high-style residential window had its full complement of features, including interior shutters, paneled apron, wall reveals and molding surround.

This window was an important feature of the interior as well as the interior of the building.

Like their exterior counterparts, interior shutters helped control sunlight on the inside.

In addition to reducing heat gain during the summer, interior shutters helped regulate temperatures; protected carpets, upholstery and furniture from fading; guaranteed privacy for the residents; and effectively shut out the view, which some found distracting during the dinner hours.

Paneled shutters of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century gradually gave way to the use of louvered shutters or ones with a combination of louvers and paneled sections.

Most interior shutter were side hinged, folding closed in two or three sections against the jamb on both sides of the window, although some examples exist of interior shutters sliding horizontal tracks and other forms.


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