Are harry styles and cara delevingne dating

Harry Styles grabs some cash from a local ATM on Saturday (August 31) in London, England.

Later that evening, the 19-year-old One Direction singer was spotted catching a performance of the smash hit musical .

“I think it’s quite inappropriate, especially for the age groups that it’s aimed at.” Harry told Moviefone.

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Anytime Harry Styles goes to dinner, takes a pic, or even just stands next to a girl, the dating rumors instantly start flying.

So obvs, tons of celebs have been caught in the dating-Harry-Styles rumor mill and had to deal with unhappy Harry stans as a result. And now that it's December 2014, and Harry fans are waiting in fear for the news to hit that Harry's found his new December GF.

But we can all breathe easy, because here are all the latest celebrities that Harry hasn't dated, but everyone thought he did! December's Mystery Girl Harry Styles hasa history of getting a girlfriend right around the holidays. Which is why everyone freaked the freak out when they saw this pic of Harry walking with a mystery girl in London, and There's no way to know for sure if there's anything going on between the two this early in the game (come on, we're barely halfway through December), but since Harry was reportedly celebrating his sister Gemma's birthday that night, it's likely the mystery girl is just a friend. Katy Perry After daring to arrive and leave a restaurant at the same time, Harry Styles and Katy Perry were rumored to be dating.

Now, no one knows what happened in that restaurant, but the rumors of a feud between Katy and Harry's ex, Taylor Swift, only fueled the dating rumors.

But seeing as Katy played a major hand in creating One Direction (she was the final vote that allowed cutie Niall Horan to compete on first romantic date—which is prob why everyone jumped to conclusions about their relationship status.

But just a quick look at Daniella's Insta would calm anyone's fears: it's full of super cute pics with her hot boyfriend (who's not Harry).4.

Ariana Grande When it was announced that Harry had written a love song called "A Little Bit Of Your Heart" for Ariana, everyone assumed that the song must be , "He is a very, very, very nice boy but I'm not like...

He's just a nice friend." Anyway, dating Harry would totally get in the way of whatever she has going on with Big Sean.5.

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