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Taylor Swift's 1989 comes out today, and we already know at least one song on the album continues Swift's long tradition of writing songs about her ex-boyfriends.

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The songs: "Tim Mc Graw," "Our Song," "Fifteen.""Back then, I swore I was gonna marry him some day / But I realized some bigger dreams of mine." What happened to him: Hard to say.

Borello seems to have gone to ground, while Dunlap appears to be living a relatively normal life as the most-Googled project manager in the greater Nashville area.

Sam Armstrong The relationship: Another high-school boyfriend, and the first in a long line of men to do Taylor wrong: He allegedly cheated on her shortly before her first album came out.

(Thus making him the only one of these dudes who can claim he didn't know what he was getting into.) The songs: "Should've Said No," possibly "Picture to Burn." Representative lyric: "I can't resist / Before you go, tell me this / Was it worth it? " What happened to him: His Twitter is locked, which means he's probably tired of being asked to comment for stories like this one. '" He's married now, and his cart-crashing days are most likely behind him.

Drew Hardwick The relationship: Hardwick was a high-school crush who would jabber on and on about how great his girlfriend was. Stephen Barker Liles The relationship: With her second album, Taylor stopped writing about civilians and started writing about the mid-tier musicians she was touring with. " What happened to him: Swift wrote a mean song about his next girlfriend, and then the Jonas Brothers broke up.

Little did he know that Taylor was pining away for him the whole time! Liles's band Love and Theft opened for Taylor in 2008, but their relationship never went beyond a "brief crush." The song: "Hey Stephen." Representative lyric: "Hey, Stephen, why are people always leaving? Joe Jonas The relationship: He and Taylor dated for a bit in 2008, but at the peak of Jonas Brothers mania, the pair weren't even allowed to go out together in public. The songs: "Forever & Always," "Jump Then Fall," "Today Was a Fairytale," "Last Kiss," "Holy Ground." Representative lyric: "Was I out of line? Things got so bad, he was forced to join the sniveling miscreants who write for New York Magazine.

The song: "Teardrops on My Guitar." Representative lyric: " What happened to him: He showed up at Taylor's house unexpectedly, two years after "Teardrops" came out. / I think you and I should stay the same." What happened to him: He's also married now, and has a kid. Martin Johnson The relationship: Swift and Johnson, the lead singer of pop-punk band Boys Like Girls, wrote a song for the Hannah Montana movie together.

As Nashville teaches us, this is the quickest and best way to fall in love.

Sadly, it was not to be — his bad-boy rock-and-roll lifestyle spooked Swift's camp, who reportedly made her put an end to it.


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