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Three hours after my treatment, my face looks like the mating grounds for a band of particularly randy hedgehogs. Eagerly trotting into the swish Wimpole Street offices of the Dr Alexandra Chambers’ Medical Practice, I am greeted by Dr Chambers herself, who, judging by her porcelain-smooth skin and incredible cheeks is no stranger to beauty treatment.“The vampire facelift is usually best for someone in their late 30s or older,” she tells me.“But still, for you it will be good for your jowls. And acne scars.” Remind me to pop back for my next ego boost.

Transfixed by her, doll-like face, and dulcet Russian accent, I fail to absorb what is being said. After showing me a series of successful “before and after” studies, she leads me to an actual, hospital-standard operating theatre.

Wearing full scrubs, a lovely Moldovan nurse, Vicky, tells me to lie down and puts me in a bib. I ask Dr Chambers if she’s had the vampire facial – or PRP Injection Therapy to give it its formal name. “But not again.” Seconds later, Vicki is slathering my face in a thick anesthetic cream and some clingfilm, and I am left to stew for 20 minutes.

Once this is removed, my arms are examined and a vein selected, from which a seemingly endless vial of blood is extracted. “Now we put your blood in the saucepan,” says Dr Chambers, disconcertingly.

He is the chairman of the food importing company Neto ME Holdings Ltd.

In August 2016 his wife gave birth to a daughter named Liv Ezra.

Bar Refaeli was recently named the world’s most smug supermodel.

Even more recently, she posted an online snap of her delicate visage smeared in blood , the result of a “vampire” facial. But why let a little prick or three get in the way of true beauty?

I may never be as tall as a supermodel but now at least I can have the complexion of one.

With this in mind, I book an appointment at a top London cosmetic clinic for this celebrity must-have.

The £450 procedure is said to rejuvenate skin and “enhance tissue regeneration” by taking some of the patient’s own blood, separating its components, then re-injecting the health-giving, platelet-rich plasma.

Three hours after her facial, 27-year-old Bar was on live TV, as a guest judge on the X Factor in her native Israel.

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