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He catchers her and she begs him not to hurt her, she promises to come back.

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Dean says there isn't a case, that they stopped to get a good steak.

When Dean's phone start “blowing up,” Sam grabs it to see what is going on.

He discovers that Dean has a dating app, and that they came here so Dean could hook up with a woman.

It turns out that the woman, Shaylene, is a hooker, and she is willing to trade sex for Dean's soul.

Castiel & Hannah continue to track down angels and return them to Heaven.

Hannah suddenly takes off her clothes to take a shower, Castiel is confused, and Hannah wants to know if her nakedness bothers Cas.

As they are checking out of the hotel, Hannah is confronted by her vessel's (Caroline Johnson) husband, Joe Johnson.

He wants to know why she left, so Hannah explains that she is having an affair with Castiel.

When Joe doesn't believe her, she kisses Castiel, and then the two of them leave.

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