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It is one of the most complicated, yet most desired virtues—it is what every human heart longs for.Is that not why the most devastating thing a parent could say to his child is “I do not love you”? It is also why the love of God is one of the most amazingly precious truths—it is answer to our dominant longing. Love is usually associated with the marital relationship between a man and woman.Historically, the common way to peruse marriage has been courtship and betrothal.

New freedom was given to teenagers—namely, four motorized wheels and a backseat.

Before the automobile, spending time with your lover without your family was rare.

Nowadays, it is rare to spend time with your lover together with family.

Because of this, a wave of unprecedented sexual freedom (that is actually bondage) has swept in that has not been seen since pagan times.

The Internet appeared around a century after the automobile.

We (or at least some of us) are currently watching how the Internet is shaping culture.

No technology is neutral, and all technologies affect culture for the better for the worse.

We are constantly reminded what benefits modern technology bring; yet we ponder little what it will destroy.

With the dawning of the Internet came immense globalization.


  1. ana: oo naman love,ako ang bahala..gusto ko na din makita si mare at makabalita naman sa inaanak nating si tonton. tinungo ni ana ang telepono upang sagutin ito habang si roger ay binuksan na ang gripo upang punuin ng tubig ang timbang ipampapaligo niya. (nagulat si ana sa tinuran ng nasa kabilang linya at hindi maisip qung ano ang isasagot sa kausap niya.) ana: ah,,,eh,,,pare sige at sasabihin ko kay kumpare mo para mai-set nalang uli kung kailan kayo makakapunta dito ha,,,, andy: ok cge mare pasensya na talaga ha,,,paki-sabi nalang kay pareng roger… andy:bye,,, pagkatapos maligo ni roger ay sinabi na ni ana ang itinawagni andy kanina at noon di’y tinungo ni roger ang telepono at tinawagan muli ang kumpare,,, roger:pare,,,hindi ba talaga free si kumare sa araw na iyon? halika’t pumasokka na sa munti naming bahay at ng makapagpahinga ka muna bago tayo magkakwentuhan …

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  3. The identity of the singer’s self-regarding former lover, which coincides with the release of the 64-year-old’s greatest hits album, is disclosed during an instrumental interlude in a new acoustic recording of the hit.

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