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Spanning both Europe and Asia and by far the largest country on earth, Russia defies soundbites and neat descriptions but instead offers a bewildering range of diversity that makes it difficult to know where to start.

Our group tours and tailor made holidays to Russia focus not on the well trodden trails of Moscow and St Petersburg but seek out its more unusual corners.

West of the Urals lies Siberia, a stunning wilderness of forests, rivers and mountains that harbours majestic wildlife and traditional ethnic groups still following the ways of old.

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Dating holidays russia

This is Asia’s last frontier, difficult to travel through yet rewarding in the extreme.

Join us on a truly groundbreaking journey, travelling through the forgotten lands of Mongolia, Russia and China to the heart of the Altai Mountains and a land steeped in shamanism and ancient traditions.

Stay with eagle hunters, meet nomadic communities and enjoy some of Asia’s most impressive landscapes.

The Caucasus are Russia's wild frontier, only conquered in the 19th century and home to distinct - and fiercely independent - people.

This is the land of legends, an untamed landscape of imposing peaks, hidden medieval villages and customs that stretch back to the dawn of human settlement.

Browse the delights of Belize City, Mingle with lots of other fun-loving singles, Enjoy fantastic scuba-diving and snorkeling opportunities, Drop by Mayan ruins, wildlife preserves, and botanical gardens, More….. No wonder Russia has a huge variety of different holidays, some of which are very publicly and widely celebrated.According to the survey, the most important holidays, as perceived by Russians, include New Year`s Day (ranked 1st), personal Birthday (ranked 2nd) and professional holidays (ranked 3rd).Following are Women`s Day, May Day, Victory Day, and Independence Day.Russian holidays present a motley picture new and old, official and unofficial, professional and private, religious and secular. My describes here only significant holidays of coming May.The 1st of May is the traditional holiday of spring. This is the day of triumph of the nature which is full of blossom, of birds` singing, of multicolored flowers and small balls.


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