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My Mother-in-law is taking my kids for an overnight on Satuday & my husband and I can't think of what to do with our 'free' time! Go buy sum candles and focus on just the two of you!! Like one day could be your day and he does things you want to do and the next day is his turn. Other times, we find recreation areas, parks, or walking trails to explore (we look them up beforehand online).Tired of going out for dinner & drinks and are not very excited about the choice of movies out this weekend. We just make sure we are together and enjoy each others touch!! We bring a blanket and picnic basket along, plus a lantern and flashlights in case it gets dark while we're there. it's very peaceful and romantic to picnic in the lantern-light under the stars!

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They are popular this time of year with Halloween around the corner. When we got tired of the arcade, we rented a pool table there and hade some fun!

Take a stroll at a winery, go to a Haunted house or something like a haunted tour. You could also take a little drive and go look at the stars gazing or go to a camp ground and sit around a fire with a cup of hot chocolate and roast some marshmellows. Go to one of the corn mazes that does it by flashlight, I know there is one near the casino. We ended up going out to dinner with some friends and we headed over to Dave and Busters for some grown up fun arcade time.

Take advantage of the season, and do something to enjoy Autumn. Get dinner from the grocery store (roasted chicken or something) and some of your favorite goodies and just enjoy some time together. Also what about going to a winery, they normally don't stay open too late, so I'm not sure if that would work out for you. My husband and I recently had a night away from our son and we couldn't decide what to do either.

neighborhood car show and bbq from noon to 6 at4406 NE 45th terr kcmo, louisburg pumpkin patch. You could always rent some movies and stay at home. They have romantic themed rooms and it feels like you are on vacation even though you are still in Kansas. It's a lot of fun, and you don't have to be a kid to enjoy it.

you guys could come over to my house and help me decorate for our costume party! hope you find something great and really get to enjoy one another...bless you. Or, go to a community or high school theatre production, art show, etc. Check your newspaper for all sorts of community events. It is a hotel out by the race track and the Legend's. My husband and I go there whenever we get a date night and we always have the best time. Mini golf, arcade, batting cages, carnival rides etc.

Consider attending some kind of charity event - trivia night, chicken and dumpling dinner, etc. Whenever my husband and I get the rare night to ourselves we like to stay at the Chateau Avalon.Sometimes we like to have our picnic at home on a blanket in the living room while we watch a rented movie...or ignore the movie if we, uhh, find something more interesting to occupy us, lol.We usually get take-out from a NON-fast-food restaurant as a special treat for our "at-home picnic"--something we don't get often, like lobster tails or prime rib.Just one nice "splurge" is usually enough to make it feel special.If we decide on a cheaper main course, like pasta, we might splurge on a nice wine or a fancy dessert. My husband and I go to the Improv at Zona Rosa (off Barry Road in the Northland) a lot.


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