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e Newsletter is based on the popular evennews module.The main difference is the ability to subscribe to more than one newsletter...Tags: email, email newsletter plugin, newsletter, newsletter plugin, newsletter script FBComments is a module for XOOPS systems that provides easy access to Facebook(R) social plugins for both Like Buttons and Comments...

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Features include: * Import existing xoops user accounts to one or more newsletters * Add/update Newsletters * Newsletter archives I recently integrated jquery with the news module to create a new block.

The new block makes a Ajax calls using jquery to refresh the news by filtering on the topics available.

The block is based on the existing "recent news" block, so I have been able to utilize the code for that block to make development quicker.

Download the Zip file for the required files and changes required.

After the changes have been made you will need to update the News module from the Admin panel.

Then you should be able to see the new Ajax News block.

A demo can be seen here: The Ocelot the online entertainment magazine for Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

New Xoops administration theme based on the Oxygen theme.

Unzip file then copy to : /modules/system/class/gui/And then update the following image file to put your company logo on it: /evu/images/dark/Screenshot: A module to be used in conjunction with the profile module.

It can be used as a dating module or other purposes, suitable for an advanced social networking website for xoops. Use the profile modue to create fields as per normal. Use the match module admin to set it's own set of permissions on each field as created by the profile module. Match module has it's own profile page visible set according to it's set permissions4.

Match profile can be activated / De-activated by the user (modules/match/activategroup.php)5.


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