Dating services in windows xp

Even in older versions of Windows it's not necessarily foolproof, but it has been successfully used to circumvent some copy-protection schemes installed on music CDs since around 2004.Complicated Fix: To disable Autorun for good in XP/Vista, you need to edit the Registry.As always, before you edit this database, it's smart to make a backup of it.

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Type regedit and hit Return to open the Registry Editor. After you go to all this trouble, don't double-click that file on the disk—it can still run if you do.

(In Vista, you'll probably have to click OK in the User Account Control warning dialog box.) Go to the following Registry key: Double-click on Autorun, and you'll see a default value of 1. Auto Play: Autorun should not be confused with Auto Play, which debuted in Windows XP.

The latter features a dialog box that pops up when you insert a CD or DVD filled with electronic media—pictures, music, or video.

Malware often installs itself as a Windows service in order to load when Windows is started.

This allows the malware to run and control designated functions without requiring user interaction.

Sometimes, antivirus software removes the malware but leaves the service settings behind.

Whether cleaning up after an antivirus removal, or attempting to remove the malware manually, knowing how to delete a service in Windows 7, Vista, or XP will help.

Dating back to Windows 95, Autorun allows an inserted CD-ROM to launch a function automatically, for example by installing a program, when the disc is inserted. It's how some malware, like rootkits, can be installed without your knowledge.

Usually the disc has a file on it called that tells it what to do when inserted.

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