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The BAU hunt a serial killer in Wisconsin and try to find a connection between the victims so they can profile and identify the Un Sub.

Meanwhile, Kate experiences trouble dealing with her niece when she starts acting out.

Before the BAU members head off on their next case, Kate tells her colleagues that she's pregnant, news that excites them, but adds some difficulty in her home life specifically with thirteen year old Meg who was already rebelling before the news.

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The same DNA was found at each crime scene, and there was no sign of forced entry.

Despite each victim having a different sexual and dating life, they were all sexting with the same person.

Evidence at one of the crime scenes and the sexts indicate that the common thread between all the victims is a widely popular erotic romance novel called "Bare Reflections", which details a story of consensual BDSM between a couple.

The unsub, who they believe is married, and his victims are recreating the sex in the book, ...

chains like Xiang Ba Dao Xiaolongxia (香巴岛小龙虾), Fumao Xiaolongxia (复茂小龙虾), and Xiang Man Tang (香满堂) where you can get your hands dirty and deshell these little yabbies that have been scalded in barrels of boiling spicy oil.

The latter two chains also deliver to your home if you’re embarrassed to have your hands all smeared with spicy oil in public, or for those late night cravings during Shanghai’s freezing winter temperatures.

A one-stop greasy spoon to indulge in , other selected seafood and BBQ would be on Shouning Road.

In case you thought the days of Shanghai street food were buried along with the demise of Wujiang Road food street (closed in 2010 to make way for the current more upscale pedestrian street), think again.

Shouning Road is bustling with an entire street of , oysters, scallops, hairy crab (during season), BBQ (mutton, beef, fish, chicken mid-joints, etc.), “longevity noodles” (长寿面), HK desserts, so on and so forth.

There’s the street food smell that lingers in the air, a “Shouning Road smell” that comprises of fish, baby lobsters, chilli oil, garlic, charcoal smoke, and dirtiness that stems only from sinfully yummy street food.

Walk in to Shouning Road (寿宁路) from Xizang South Road (西藏南路) to take in the bright lights and hawker sounds, and walk carefully as the ground is almost always wet with all the washing of grime and dirt from shucking oysters and whatever else you probably don’t want to know.


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