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The duo continued to mow through box upon box of the saccharine breakfast food, with idle chatter in-between bites. "I'm just sooo happy to see you, Weiss-y." The cloaked teen pounced on and embraced her confused partner. Being in such close proximity to Ruby allowed the scents that clung to Ruby waft into Weiss's nostrils. When Ruby pulled back, the ivory-haired teen managed to get a glimpse of her partner's glazed over eyes. The crimson-cloaked teen groaned as she covered her face with her arms, before slouching and contorting her body in such a way that she was curled up into a small ball on her seat. Her hand snapped forward and ripped Crescent Rose from its place on Ruby's back. Hearing the sound of footsteps, Weiss twisted to see the hooded figure approach her at a breakneck speed.Ruby reached for another box – their last that Jaune had brought – of cereal and shook it out, only to find nothing remained. Her own orbs widened as she recalled a story Yang had regaled the team with one night, during their first 'bonding session'. She only had time to steel herself before Ruby tackled her onto a mattress. Her forehead creased as she mentally debated about whether or not to leave Ruby's embrace.Eyes shifting around, she took in the tattered boxes and array of little toys. "We're all out."A smug grin made its way on his face. Observing the way her teammate staggered towards her, Weiss's eyes narrowed. With Ruby swivelling herself around in her revolving chair, Blake sat on a bed with her back against the wall engrossed in reading, and Weiss busy scribbling something at her table, Yang grew restless. Weiss grunted from the impact, dropping Crescent Rose on the floor. She could risk jostling the girl and provoking a second round of chaos if she did move...

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It was due next week – hence her roommate's absence – but never let it be said that Weiss was not on top of everything. Weiss tensed, turning her head so quickly she almost gave herself a whiplash.

She The room's door swung open, slamming into the back wall. Yang strutted into the room with her arms folded behind her head.

There was only one person who could be so reckless – technically two but she didn't think Yang would barge into their room – as to exert more force than necessary into opening a "Ruby, what did I tell you about–""Sshnow angel! "Yo Ruby, you feeling better no–"She stared at the surprised girl in her sister's arms.

And you can't lecture me about this when you've started carrying Ember Celica everywhere just because I took them that one time," Ruby replied, struggling to keep pace with her sister's long strides as they walked down the dormitory halls towards the common area."I do not carry Ember Celica " Yang denied, fingers twitching. He pushed himself hurriedly to his feet, sweeping off the grime that adhered to his garb. "He took a deep breath to try and collect himself, but could only release it in a rush, too ecstatic with the news he had to share. The grey-eyed girl slugged him on his arm, sending the boy stumbling back. Since she's a health nut, she didn't have any use for the stuff and left it to collect dust in a warehouse..." Jaune's face broke into a grin. Convinced her to send it all to Beacon so nothing would go to waste."He ran a hand through his tousled hair, trying to pull off a rakish look but failing miserably. "Ruby engulfed Jaune in a hug, lifting him up and twirling him around effortlessly. " Ruby's internal rambling was interrupted by her friend's wheezing."Ruby," Jaune croaked, "you're... Ruby swallowed the mouthful of cereal she had stuffed herself with. "Jaune pointed a thumb at the direction he came from. For you see, whenever the lovely dame had enough in her system, she would change. Her eyes would glaze over, much like the donuts she stuffed herself with, the pig," her last sentence devolved into a hiss, before Yang cleared her throat and continued more neutrally, "and she would begin to act tipsy... The older teen wrenched her partner back into the room, who landed on her butt with a grunt.

Her forehead creased a little as she fought against the instinct to brush her finger pads against her wristlets. Jaune cleared his throat into a closed fist sheepishly."What's up, Jaune? " he stuttered, shrinking away a little at the burning stare he received from Yang. "How does a Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes sound?! Call me when you're sober," she called out, never once turning back. Despite being well into their teens, the duo shared – if nothing else – one common trait: their mind construct being that of a young child's."No How did you get that?! The male blew on his knuckles and rubbed them on his chest, a cocky smirk etched on his face. "There's a huge pantry over that-a-way stocked with everything you could possibly imagine. They would shower her with all sorts of gifts, for she was the apple of their eye. Looking up at her irate partner, Ruby grinned and wriggled her eyebrows.

Noticing the blonde's struggles, Ruby smirked."Oh shut up," Yang barked."I didn't say anything," Ruby replied innocently, jauntily skipping ahead of the mildly agitated blonde. "Ruby's demeanour perked up as her eyes shone with childish glee. Jaune's chest swelled up as his close friend gazed at him in rapture. They usually only allow the fourth-years access to it – something about maturity and responsibility and them never being around or whatever – but..." he leaned over and spoke softly, "I found out about it when I trailed the truck guys.""Everything, huh? Now slightly sated, she leisurely ate a spoonful of cereal, chewing slowly as a dastardly idea formed in her head. However, there One of Blake's eyebrows quirked, while Weiss's face scrunched at the strange twist. "Oh ho, did the fair maiden wish for more of summa ?

Glancing up, he was met with the faces of an unamused blonde and her bemused little sister. "Ruby nodded vigorously."Well, the contract came along with a year's supply of their cereal. Because as a friend of Jaune Arc, 'tis only fair I allow you a share of my spoils, no? "Ruby squeezed her arms even tighter as her mind drifted off, each thought getting her more pumped than the last. Sitting himself across her, he went to work assembling his own bowl of marshmallow flakes. To return to her mantle as Beacon's silent guardian. The Dark Kn–Recovering from her stunned state, Weiss lurched forward and grabbed Ruby by the scruff of her cloak.

Turning her head to look at the crimson-cloaked female, she asked, "What's the deal with vomit boy? Her eyebrows furrowed when Jaune – in his haste – tripped over his own feet and skidded to a stop in front of the two girls. "He chortled reluctantly alongside his boisterous friend, ego bruised. Straighten up from his defensive posture, he responded. You know how she used to be on the cover of the boxes? "Sorry about that, Jaune."The blonde hunched over, carefully feeling his rib cage. Approaching the boy, she snagged them and walked back towards the table she had claimed without missing a beat. I don't know where they store it."At the sight of Ruby so nimbly handling the task, Jaune sighed wearily. I've got it."Trudging back in the direction he came from, he muttered, "Always the sidekick."When Jaune finally returned to the hall, two jugs of milk in hand, he was welcomed by Ruby gorging herself with cereal. "A sheepish smile was all he got in return before Ruby went back to demolishing her first box of sugary processed wheat. There was also a twinge of worry that Ruby would wreck her way out and cause trouble while injuring herself in the process, but she brushed that niggling feeling aside. Perking her head, she gruffly said, "I sense trouble.""You trouble."Ruby ignored the retort. I must bid you adieu." She walked up to Weiss and lifted her hand, pressing a gentle kiss upon it. Pulling herself onto the ledge, she inhaled and closed her eyes, ready to take the leap.

This allowed Yang to catch up with her little sister. Her eyes brightened when she saw the blonde bumble in with boxes stacked precariously in his arms. ""Mhmmm." A goofy grin made its way onto Ruby's face."Jaune, that idiot," Weiss spat. She couldn't lock Ruby alone in the dorm room because they had inspection later that night, and she couldn't – – risk a hyper Ruby decimating their quarters and ruining her spotless reputation. As Weiss watched the grey-eyed female bounce frenetically on the mattress, she sighed, already feeling exhausted. Ruby curled up into an even tighter ball and continued rocking. I AM THE CRIMSON AVENGER." Releasing her hold on the ceiling lights, she fell and action rolled into a crouch. Never forget me, snow angel."Ruby turned and strode gallantly towards their window.

Meanwhile, Yang groaned and spun around on her heel. "Mhm, everything," Jaune replied through a mouthful of his own slurry of flakes and milk. She shot an amused sidelong glance at Ruby, whose head fell back against her chair's back support with a thud. I suppose I have some time to spare, for a gorgeous thing such as yourself..."Weiss stared back at her with a vacant expression. " Weiss huffed and spun around on her heel, stomping back towards her desk.

"He yelped as his arm – and hence, body – was tugged violently by the feverish girl towards the dining hall. Moments ago, Jaune had darted off to get a hold of some of 'the goods', as he had aptly named them, leaving Ruby alone in the dining hall to stew in her excitement. She just didn't want the girl to destroy her good name. Ruby released her partner and bolted around to leap on her bed. "Get out from under my desk, Ruby."The other girl whimpered from her hiding place. "Do you hear that," she stage whispered."No."Ruby crawled out from under the table. Weiss stared at the hole in their floor and cringed. " Weiss shouted, her hands on her hips."Who is this Ruby?!

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