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t=2072081 - for enabling the torch toggle in systemui (XDA THREAD) - All the WONDERFUL PEOPLE who helped with BETA testing the new versions!!!

Bloat (Choice of approximately 20 apps that are considered bloatware to choose from) G. S5 Launcher with "semi" functional My Magazine but working theme and wallpaper choosers viii. I would also recommend that before the initial setup, you dont do anything to your phone for 5 minutes...

MMarkkk's LG Weather Widget vii MMarkkk's S5 Weather Widget vii. S5 themed with OG Battery Mod and Quick Launcher vii. Let it do its job Also the 1st boot also takes 3-5 minutes.

Transparent with Yellow writing and Clouds without Borders vi. S5 themed WHITE with OG Battery Mod and Quick Launcher i. The installation process takes between 3-5 minutes.

*Prerooted (Super Su v2.0) *Zipaligned *Deodexed (smali 2.0.3 and baksmali 2.0.3) *tweaks (seriously, TOO MANY to list...) *Ex-FAT Support *Custom Echoe Rom Settings allow for FULL CUSTOMIZATION of your phone (Check Screenshots) *Complete Phone DPI Control *Echoe Extended 4-way Power Menu *With Viper4Android *The AMAZING Echoe1%Battery Mod *The OG Battery Mod (credits @Osama Ghareeb , XDA THREAD *The AMAZING Echoe Lockscreen Flare *Keyboard with secondary symbols for all languages enabled *Fully Functional Call Recording and Full Caller ID thanks to @Carotix XDA THREAD *Added the Kit Kat Google Camera and Google Gallery from Nexus 5 with Fully Functional Photosphere *Modded Stock Samsung Camera with ability to take pics with the Power Button, with less than 15% power left, and with music on if you choose to do so *Unlocked all the Hidden Features from Stock MMS/SMS application (thanks to this INCREDIBLE GUIDE BY THANK YOU!!!

): XDA THREAD *No SMSto MMS conversion *SMS/MMS Custom smileys (No more UGLY Green ones) *SMS/MMS Show sent time instead of time received *Save and Restore SMS/MMS to SD Card *Enabled group messaging *Unlimited SMS recipients *Enabled Split View Mode in SMS/MMS Settings *Enabled Screen On/Off Toggle in SMS/MMS Settings *Increased the SMS hour limit to 1000 *Enabled All System Languages by Default (thanks to the GREAT wanam!!! ALL THE "small mods" that are ALWAYS in Echoe Rom (i.e.

) *Exit menu in stock web browser *No more annoying SMS logs in Call Logs *Extended Speed Dial Entries to 100 *Enabled Call Button in Contacts *Added Shutter Sound Menu in Camera Settings *Functional Torchlight that can be enabled with screen off (In Settings/Device/Display) *Enabled 2 Additional Options in System Settings: Call Settings and Call/Message Block (They are under Settings/ Device) *Added Shutter Sound Menu in Camera Settings *Added custom color in Calendar (Sat and Sun are a bit more colorful now) *Added Transparent Accuweather Widget *Extended Speed-Dial Entries to 100 *Modded TW Launcher *Disabled Email Exchange Security *Added Latest Xposed Framework (Credits: ): XDA THREAD *Updated to latest Super SU *Updated to latest Play Store *EXTREMELY FAST & SMOOTH ("Super Sonic") *VERY BATTERY FRIENDLY *The MOST BEAUTIFUL Custom Boot Animation and Custom Shut Down Animation by @chavxxx - Updated to the brand new Official Samsung I95050XXUGNG2 Base Changelist: 2091210 Build date: Thu, +0000 - Updated Super Su to v2.01 and busybox to its latest version - Reintroduced Aroma Installer with all the options Echoe v22 had!! no sms/mms in call logs, ALL languages enabled, secondary symbols in Samsung Keyboard, Shutter Sound Menu in Camera, Quadview in Multiwindow, etc. etc.) - (Allow custom apps from the bottom and from the side of home page): i.

- S5 ULTRA POWER SAVING MODE (FULLY FUNCTIONAL) - Ultra Power Saving Mode Application Manager - PORTED S5 System UI with ALL TOGGLES ENABLED!

- PORTED DUAL S5 and NOTE3 Sec Settings - S5 Extended Power Menu with S5 Emergency Mode, Recovery and Download Modes, Torchlight and Screenshot options - S5 Lockscreen with 8 different unlock effects to choose from - S5 Toolbox with 12 apps option!

- S5 Download Booster - S5 Launcher Modded for speed, with 5x5, 5X6 Grid and double pull-up function enabled - S5 Phone app and contacts (call recording is not functional unfortunately) - Fully Modded S5 SMS app - Incoming Call Notification - S5 Emergency Mode - S5 Baby Monitor - S5 Air Wake Up - S5 Quick Connection - S5 Download Booster - S5 SFinder - S5 Accuweather - S5 Voice - S5 My Files AMAZING Ported S5 Mod which includes UPSM, Download Booster, Air Wake function, Baby Crying Detector and a lot of other incredible features that make your S4 a new phone!!

Please check in and give your thanks to the great tamirda here:

t=2789666 - The S5 UPSM mod adds all the S5 and Note 3 features without losing ANY of the Echoe features - Please dirty flash v25.1 on top of v.25 - Updated to latest Samsung Base Changelist: 1854187 Build date: Thu, +0000 Product Code: DBT PDA: I9505XXUGNF1 CSC: I9505OXAGNF1 - Default Kernel: AEL v3 Hybrid - Updated Super Su to v2.0 - All the Mods, Add-Ons, additional Apps and Tools are available via the - Updated Super Su to v1.99r4 - Updated All Echoe Extra Apps - All mods are redone from scratch for the NE2 Base - Cooked using the cutting- edge Archi Kitchen which includes the Archi Init.d and seriously noticeable smoothness and speed!!


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