Dr travis stork dating anyone

But after graduating from Duke University and becoming an actuarial scientist in Washington D.

C.—which he describes as, “quite frankly, a pretty nerdy profession”—he realized something was missing.

His days were spent helping big businesses make important decisions, such as whether or not to insure a massive pool of customers or what level of retirement benefits to offer.

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In his free time, he began volunteering at a Washington free clinic, and he eventually earned his medical degree from the University of Virginia.“I just was never meant to be someone who was sitting all day in front of a computer,” he explains.

They may have nabbed the final rose — some even got a ring — but few winners of “The Bachelor” won their happily ever after.

The long-running reality love show is currently in its 20th season — which, for the first time, includes twin sisters vying for the attention of software salesman Ben Higgins.

In fact, the handsome emergency physician-turned-talk show host lacks any pretention whatsoever, dressed comfortably in gym clothes and gently leading a 16-year-old fluff-ball of a dog (named Nala) toward a wrought-iron two-topper., though, he seems to be describing someone else’s life.

Stork’s public career might be based in Los Angeles, but he lives here for one big reason: so he can let “that guy” go and get back to being just “Travis.” Arriving in Nashville in 2003 to complete his residency at Vanderbilt, Stork had low expectations for the city.

After his arrival, however, he quickly fell in love with what he says still felt like a small town.

He was raised in small towns all over the Midwest and moved back to Colorado (where he was born) for a time following his residency, but, before long, he returned to Nashville to settle in the booming borough of Germantown—he hopes for good.“I just missed Nashville,” he explains.

“Now that it’s evolved, in a strange way—other than the traffic—I think I’ve fallen in love with it more because there are now pockets for everyone.

Whatever your desires are, you can find a community.”Community has been a life-long theme for the physician that has continued into his TV career.

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