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With Nikki is her defense attorney turned fiancè Bert Mayfair.Nikki tells them all that the evening is about a big announcement, and she declares that she is getting married.Bert becomes angry with Nikki, as he did not want his engagement to her publicized yet for fear of losing his law license.

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While the girls are gone, Bert admits that he bribed doctors to testify to Nikki's insanity so that she would escape the murder charges.

He also admits that Nikki really is insane and that he fears she will kill someone that night.

After the girls are gone too long, Zach checks on them.

Sexy Evil Genius is a 2013 American dark comedy film written by Scott Lew and directed by Shawn Piller.

Several people in a bar realize that they have all dated the same woman and that she has manipulated them into appearing there for mysterious purposes.

Salesman Zach Newman sits alone in a bar when he meets Miranda Prague.

After talking to her for a few minutes, they realize that they are ex-lovers of the same woman, Nikki Franklyn.

They were both told to arrive at different times and wait for Nikki, who would be joining them later.

Miranda reveals that Nikki just got out of a mental hospital after killing a man she was dating by poisoning him.

Shortly thereafter they are joined by Marvin Coolidge, a jazz musician and also a former lover of Nikki.

The trio trade stories about Nikki for a bit until Nikki herself arrives, bringing the table a round of drinks and passing them out herself.


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