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With the help of many supporters this team was primarily comprised of Scott Mackey from the Board of Directors of the Association, Terry Hutchings-Baker, and John Funk. (Thanks John) If there are any objections let me know.

Whetheryou areadescendentof a member of the 34th Bomb Group, a WWII historian, or someone whose world was shaped by the dedication and sacrifice of the men of the 34th, we hope the stories and information in this collection of Mendlesham Memories help preserve the memories of the 34th Bomb Group. I would like to express my thanks to all who sent letters and donations to keep the newsletter going.

There was an absence of stories and you know I need stories, either serious or amusing, to write about.

Otherwise, I will have to write about myself and that could be boring.

My wife and I have had a very eventful summer so far. John and Marceil Meyer from Russia, Ohio, and Ralph and Gloria Murphy and their daughter, Debbie, from Perryopolis, Pennsylvania visited with us and we enjoyed their visits very much.

ENDLESHAM EMORIES VOICE OF THE 34TH BOMB GROUP (H) 4TH SQUADRON 7TH SQUADRON 18TH SQUADRON 391 ST SQUADRON The Complete Collection Volumes 1979 -2008 Mendlesham Memories was originally published by the members of the 34th Bomb Group (H) Association, Inc. We are making this information available for historical and research purposes, and hope that it will be used to tell the story of and honor these World War II veterans. 734 fi-enai v .L • Uisroo , lao, 5-.-0- ■- -IE s, La Vern '3 Solar Place _ Paso, Tx.

We request that if information from Mendlesham Memories is used, proper credit be given to the author (if any), and the publication itself.

© ® Mendlesham Memories: The Complete Collection by The 34th Bomb Group Association is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unpolled License.

Acknowledgements Many hands went into the creation of this digital compilation of the Mendlesham Memories.

First we want to thank all the members of the 34th Bomb group who served during WWII.

Mendlesham Memories was obviously a labor of love from the men who originally published it as a newsletter for the 34th Bomb Group (H) Association, Inc.

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