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You want us to you as a couple fucked in every hole as last whore? Father at this time sat on the bed, one hand he started between my legs and began to knead my clit, and the second he put on my mother’s pussy.

“Do you have a thing for jockstraps or underwear in general?

” I asked him “Yes” short and blunt he mumbled out. I dug deeper “What is it about underwear that you enjoy?

” “I like the smell of used underwear especially ones after a sweaty workout.” He mumbled out as if he was disgusted at what he does “I noticed your workout was pretty intense and you were sweating a fair bit” By now he had relaxed a little, he must’ve realised I wasn’t angry at what I saw and I was curious about it.

Then, not only did he get he get her pregnant, but he married her as well!

Slyly, Raven thought to herself, “They don‘t know the half of it.

If they only saw what went within the privacy of our bedroom, then they would be up for the shock of their lives.” Smiling, she settled further into her pillow cuddling closer to her new family.Somehow that thought was more frightening to her than the prospect of physical abuse.— Angel drove again, taking Galen to the garage where the tow truck left his car.He needed his briefcase, toolkit, and suitcase, in order to be able to continue as planned.His employer would arrange to have the company car picked up after it was repaired, and he could return the rental car when he got to Atlanta. When he broke the kiss, without removing hands from his body, she whispered softly, “More.” Clinging to her lips, he carefully rolled over her, covering her body.

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