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An essay by Wipawee Tantaphakul Introduction The broad definition of courtship or dating is the beginning stage of romantically relationship, where two people interact in order to get to know each other.

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By changing the dating pattern, human behavior is changed as well.

This paper aims to highlight the effects of online dating platform, called Spotted, towards the tradition of courtship within German dating culture.

Additionally, another purpose is to discover the usage of the app whether it is for creating long-term relationship, or casual relationship.

First chapter is an introduction of Spotted with brief history of the app and its features.

The app features interestingly shows the distinguish functions and reflection of German culture, which also is not exist in another app.

Due to the app created in German setting, the next chapter will discuss about the German dating culture, which will be analyzed through the concept of personal space in Germany compared to other countries.

This chapter also includes some excerpts from the interview with some participants to achieve more understanding on German courtship.

Third chapter will underline the reason of using online dating, and the change of interpersonal interaction in romantic relationship due to online dating in German culture.

Last, conclusion contains the summary of this paper.

The research methodology of this paper consists of comparative literature review with other online dating platforms to find the different features and function of the apps, and interview with the app’s users to discover the reality of German dating culture, and their usage of the app.

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