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Late 70’s Dan Gilroy (they form the band ‘Breakfast Club’ together) The 80’s Stephen Bray (Collaborated on a few tracks) Artist Jean Michel Basquiat (they break up because of his drug problem) Mark Kamins (a DJ and record producer that presented her ‘Everybody’ track to record execs) John “Jellybean” Benitez (the producer of her hit ‘Holiday’) Prince They briefly dated in 1985 and duetted on ‘Love Song’ Actor Sean Penn (they were married from 1985-1989) John F Kennedy Jr (She dated JFK’s son from 1987-1988) Rumoured to have dated comedian Sandra Bernhardt from 88-89 Dated ‘Dick Tracy’ co-star Warren Beatty from 1989-1990.

Prince may have passed away on Thursday, but he'll forever be known as one of the most iconic pop stars in the history of music.

But believe it or not, his legacy could have been even greater at one point, because according to Madonna's manager Guy Oseary, the singers once toyed with the idea of touring together!

Related: Prince Reportedly Treated For Overdose Days Before Death Apparently, Guy was a huge Prince fan and honored the star with a heartfelt Instagram post after his death where he recalled once suggesting a "Royalty Tour" to the pair.

As it turns out, Queen Madge was totally interested…

but it was Prince who turned the project down because it would be "too big" for people to deal with: Tags: guy oseary, instagram, madonna, music minute, prince, r.i.p., royalty tour Her Madgesty's streak with younger men reigns on!!

Madonna was spotted with her rumored Dutch backup dancer beau, Timor Steffens, on Monday — looking very much together.

Lady M has been linked to the 26-year-old sex bomb since early January, so it's thrilling to hear she hit it and hasn't quit it just yet! The duo appeared adorable as they exited the Broadway play Yes! Sure, the Oscars are going on this weekend, but we might be a leeeettle bit more excited for Madonna’s Oscar party!

The fun is going down again this year with the super fab bash being held Sunday night at the El Lay home of her manager, Guy Oseary. See for URself (above) and pres Ss Ss that PLAY button!!

And the star power will be out in full force for the party as Anne Hathaway, Leonardo Di Caprio, Salma Hayek, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts and Bradley Cooper are ALL expected to attend. [.] Tags: academy award, anne hathaway, bradley cooper, celebration, guy oseary, jessica chastain, john mayer, katy perry, leonardo dicaprio, madonna, naomi watts, oscar, oscar party, oscars, party, salma hayek tour and now, we have one piece of ultra Madgetastic news!!! As of now, FOUR numbers from the May 31 show will be used for promo for the tour worldwide and Tags: film, guy oseary, madonna, management, manager, mdna, mdna tour, performance, promo, promotional material, show, tel aviv, tour tour to various promo for the album! Tags: cake, celebrity friendships, face, guy oseary, madonna, madonnas manager, mdna, number one, party, surprise party, video say the decision to split was sudden despite the ongoing tension.

Oh, and did we mention Katy Perry and John Mayer will also be there! All we know is we can’t wait to hear the shocking, HIGHlarious and possibly naughty stories the morning after! Reportedly, at Madge’s first show in Tel Aviv, a few performances will be filmed!!! It's only been a few months since the Superbowl performance and we're already anxious to see Madonna on our TVs again! Related: Brad Responds To Angelina's Divorce Filing According to the report, Angie just decided to leave Pitt "one week ago" following an unidentified incident: Hmm... It definitely lines up with Jon Voight's theory that some "serious" sh*t went down for his daughter to file.

When asked about more TV performances, Oseary tweeted: Tags: america, guy oseary, madge, madonna, manager, mdna, nyc, performance, press, promo, promotion, tour, tweet debuting at #1, manager Guy Oseary and friends decided to throw the Queen a lil' surprise party. about the party OR her new album already taking the throne!! Regardless of what happened and the drama surrounding their parenting styles, the beauty still views Brad as the "love of her life".


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