Hyun joong dating

While the upcoming series is already getting enormous attention from various Chinese video platforms, the only way people will know if this will really surpass the popularity of Descendants Of The Sun is to see how the new drama does with ratings.Ji Hyun is the actress who will most likely play the role of a mythical mermaid in the series.With regard to his love life, the Lee Min Ho Suzy Bae romance is still going strong.

Lee Min Ho will be required to attend to the South Korean military service after he shoots for the show, Legend Of The Blue Sea. So, there might be a big chance that Suzy would want to end it before he heads off.

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But, sources close to the stars say that Song Joong Ki getting linked to Suzy is a complete farce as Joong Ki and Suzy have never formally met nor have they worked together on a project before.

People just seem to be pitting the two popular Korean actors, Joong Ki and Min Ho, to drum up publicity.

However, what they are really “competing” over would be the ratings of their shows.

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Descendants Of the Sun, led by Jong Soong Ki, is considered to be one of the biggest and most popular dramas to hit television in Korea, since Kim Soo Hyun’s Love From Another Star and Lee Min Ho’s Boys Over Flowers.

With the show’s popularity, Joong Ki’s status catapulted to stardom.

But while Song Joong Ki may be getting great opportunities being the newest leading man, Lee Min Ho still has the acting chops to lead a Korean drama.

With this, he is scheduled to star in the Legend Of The Blue Sea, which is a fantasy series based on mermaids and is currently in the pre-production stage.

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