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The so called “rickrolling” was born and it spread out like fire.Just one year later the video was clicked more than 18 million times.The song became an internet phenomenon and so did the meme.

Given the glassy stare in his eyes and the ax-murderer beard, there was no choice but to turn his predicament into a hilarious meme.

It's a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images.

It operates in HTML5 if supported, so your images are created instantly.

, catches the eye of the people responsible for that work, and they decide to actually put it in the work.

Note that this is not about references to unrelated memes, which would just be a Shout-Out.

Can be an in-joke for an Ascended Fanboy character, or a Promoted Fanboy who makes sure it'll be in the show.Can also be a result of Approval of God, where the creator would approve of fanworks and memes derived from the source material. A meme is a running gag who spreads to the world eiher rather fast or somewhat slower. But not every picture or video is a meme just because you´re seeing it everyday in your newsfeed or inbox. It was till 7 years a user on posted a trailer for the highly anticipated game GTA IV.Often they get known through the internet and getting copied or changed in an open source manner. But users get trolled and when they clicked on the link, they were redirected to a youtube video of “never gonna give you up”. They are often created with a Meme Generator, just like ours, so normal users can create them with ease. 25 years ago, singer and songwriter Rick Astley sang his wonderful hit “never gonna give you up”. Normally it would´ve become a one hit wonder just like many other songs. They change the way we communicate with each other.

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