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Hey everyone, we just added a totally fresh category: Facebook Covers.

It still needs to be filled with all the wonderful uploads that the GG artist community will provide!

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His mother Melinda Duckett is the prime suspect, but there is no evidence proving that Melinda did anything with or to Trenton.

However, there is a handful of people who want to paint the picture of Melinda as an unfit mother and have persuaded the press to do their dirty they had DCF do their dirty work. Here are comments on the Duckett64 myspace that was opened July 10, 2006. Amber Spurlock moved into Josh's bedroom, when he moved back to Melinda. She had access to all of Josh's things, including the computer. On July 3, 2006 Carla was served with the child support and divorce papers. Amber was friends with Amanda Scott and Cierra Bacon.

They went to South Sumter Hightogether, along with Josh and Melinda.

The police report stated that there were two witnesses who heard from "others" that Melinda admitted to sending the email to herself.

I wonder if those two witnesses were Amanda Scott and Cierra Bacon?

Question: Lately there have been a lot of polls on here where in the comments both men and women describe how they are in a relationship where, even when the guy works out at the gym, their wife or girlfriend is stronger than they are.

Guys, how would you feel if you were in a relationship where your lover was demonstrably stronger than you are?

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