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Debt consolidation is the process of rolling all your outstanding debts into one loan, with the ultimate goal of paying off your debts at a lower rate.Consolidating loans works for some people and doesn’t for others — it depends entirely on your financial situation.People with bad credit can also consolidate debt to get back in control of their finances and pay back their debts.

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Is consolidating credit card debt a good idea

Pay no annual fee for the first year with the Citi Rewards Credit Card - Classic Card which offers a low interest rate of 0% p.a.

for 12 months on balance transfers and up to 55 interest free days on purchases.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as is and does not take into account your current financial situation.

You should always seek professional financial advice before applying for any form of finance.

People turn to debt consolidation at various stages of debt.

There are different ways of going about consolidating debt, meaning that you can turn to debt consolidation in a few scenarios and still make it work for you.

So, if you're in debt, consider the following:says Chrish Samuel, Senior Finance Consultant at Finstar Financial.

"There is no set limit that you must surpass before consolidating your debt; it’s really a matter of the sooner the better.

However, when considering whether or not to consolidate your debts you should ask yourself the following questions: Am I finding it difficult to meet my monthly obligations?

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