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Stepsisters Rachel and Becca haven’t been close, especially not since the death of Rachel’s father.

This book takes us on a heartwarming journey as two sisters find their way back to one another.

It explores the reasons they drifted apart, the family secret that took Rachel to Manchester that fateful day, and sees both women being forced outside their comfort zones so they can move on to a happier future. Gemma, Caitlin and Saffron meet at Gemma's New Year's Eve house party.

As they contemplate what they would like from the new year, none of them can predict just how momentous it will be for each of them or indeed the friendship that will develop between them.

Gemma's about to learn the real meaning of the vows "in sickness and in health" when her husband Spencer has an accident at work.

For Caitlin, the new year means trying to come to terms with the death of her beloved mother and learning some uncomfortable truths.

Meanwhile, Saffron has to face a completely unexpected challenge.

It was nice to kick off the year with a book so rooted in the idea of the new year. I enjoyed following these three women both individually and as a collective and Diamond really plots the story well with mini cliff-hangers in her chapters that involve you in each character's story and keep the momentum going.

It was also pleasing that it wasn't just three love stories and that each of the characters have different struggles. (JC) When journalist Anna discovers her father is Italian, she decides to embrace his cultural heritage by taking a language class.

She also needs to somehow work out how to track him down despite only knowing his first name plus survive her boss' insistence that she takes over the cooking column.

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