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After all this time it seems that we need to talk about the actual hunt.

There where many ways to hunt during the medieval times… The one that mostly concerned the huntbooks and its intended audience was the hunt Par force, but other types of hunting was popular and prevalent. There where many ways of hunting in the medieval times.

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Phoebus recommended that bows be made of boxwood or yew and twenty hands long (over three feet).

They were to be strung with silk, which was more elastic than hemp.

Arrows were to be eight hands long, and the double-edged and barbed head five fingers long and four wide.

A hunter stalking for game was always to have his bow ready and partly drawn in order to avoid a quick motion. Netting and trapping was of course also popular, especially amongst bisshunters (those that hunter for fur). Edward of york will have nothing to do with it and does not mention it in his book (or, rather he mentions that he will talk about it and then skips it altogether).

In King modus there is some trapping as well as in Livre de chasse.

trapping and netting was something that was also considered a method for poachers. They are of course not to be tolerated, but are even so thought of as fellow hunters of skill.It seems the romantic shimmer have Always illuminated the poacher amongst his fellow hunters.The hunting of prey with Falcons and other birds of prey was of course a loved way of hunting.There seems to be a little animosity between ‘doghunters’ and ‘birdhunters’, (as can be read about here — It all starts the day Before the hunt.The huntsmaster goes out and talk to the foresters and woodsmen.Talking to them about what kind of prey is available and where it has its overnight lay.

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