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Martin, who recently won an MFA scholarship at the New School University in New York, says he was heavily influenced by the late French writer Marguerite Duras’ passionate novel The Lover.

To fictionally disclose intimate details about his relationship with Stipe has been a somewhat courageous step on Martin’s part.

“I know that the local press in Athens is already up in arms about my book because they think they own Michael Stipe,” Martin huffs.

“I never proceeded with fear, and that’s a big part of being a gay man.

Here’s a pre-9/11 interview I did with Stipe’s old boyfriend, Douglas A. before Stipe finally said he preferred the company of men. “When I saw the video, I didn’t fall in love with Michael Stipe, I fell in love with what I thought was Michael Stipe.

Turning Michael Stipe inside out In Outline of My Lover, Douglas A. I fell in love with the image that a director helped create,” Martin explains. hail and still maintain residence as Athens’ multi-millionaire heroes.

Martin was a senior in high school, he was so captivated by R. M.’s homoerotically-charged video “Losing My Religion” that he told his sister, “I’m going to marry Michael Stipe.” This, of course, was before he had even met the enigmatic, sometimes-queer singer of one of America’s most respected rock bands. Kusner, Life+Style Editor In 1991, when Douglas A.After high school, the obsessed adolescent went to study theater at the University of Georgia in Athens — the relatively small college town where R. In Outline of My Lover (Soft Skull Press, ), Martin, 26, writes in first person about a teenager who moves to Athens and seeks out a relationship with a luminous rock star.“The individual in the book is based very strongly on my life and my relationship with Michael Stipe, but it’s not a kiss-and-tell. I have over 100 journals — each one is over 200 pages.If this was a kiss-and-tell, it would be a much thicker book,” he promises.Outline of My Lover details a young man’s complete immersion into an unbalanced and almost destructive relationship that ultimately must end for the sake of both partners.


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