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I'm thinking about starting a project on making a EQG RPG/Dating Sim.

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However, you can control your actions by doing well in classes or skipping them, deciding who to hang out with, and do activities outside of school, either after school hours or on weekends.

The difference is there's no "Saving the world" stuff, and the more you hang out with a specific character, the more you can be closer with each oter and eventually fall in love.

Of course there will be alt, endings depending on what you do in-game and who you befriended.

If I do go through with the dating sim idea, I do need artists who can draw the backgrounds and characters, and writers to create situations and what the characters would do in them, and of course the choices you can make.

I will try and make the RPG thing, even if it stays in Alpha/Pre-making stage for a while, but the Dating Sim is the one I need more people on in order to make it better quality.

Any thoughts on my idea and/or interested in helping me make the Dating Sim and/or RPG? These two ideas sound very interesting, but I think the RPG should have a Telltale way on things as with your choices affect the entire game.Example: You side with one character(s) over the other(s), he/she/they will act differently around you, be it wary, shy or downright hostile.I've gotta say that both sound interesting (the dating one slightly more so), but I have like zero artistic talent in the realm you're looking for. I would like to see both of these come to light to be actual games!More so the dating one, but I am looking forward to the RPG as well!But one question does arise, will these be downloaded games, or flash games found on sites like Newgrounds? I only ask because I am really picky about stuff like that. That's what happens when you necro a thread that's been silent for months.I was very startled to see him "back" and wondering how he managed it, because as far as I know, he is really, really banned.

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