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In addition, most ads that were complained about receive fewer than five complaints. 0276/14 My Plates TV ad featuring a man picking his nose and wiping it on a car door.

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20/07 Advanced Medical Institute This outdoor advertisement features red words on a yellow background reading ‘want longer lasting sex?

0277/14 My Plates TV ad featuring a man repeatedly passing wind in a car.

0178/14 Menulog TV ad featuring a Da Vinci character painting the last supper.

A record number of ads were complained about in 2014, with the “ick-factor” the number one cause of concern, according to the Advertising Standard Board (ASB).

At least 5600 complaints were received over the course of the year with the most complained about ad of the year – by far - coming from online dating site Ashley Madison, which features married men singing “I’m looking for someone other than my wife”. 450/09 GASP Denim Five images of a young topless woman wearing different pairs of tight-fitting jeans Dismissed. 410/06 Stuart Alexander and Co TV ad featuring a man’s nipples get longer as he eats Mentos and he walks around town using them to do various things.

The ad features a parody of the 1976 song "Couldn't Get it Right" by the Climax Blues Band. 0014/14 Meat and Livestock Australia TV ad featuring Sam Kekovich promoting the consumption of lamb on Australia Day. Number of complaints: 80 Most complained about ads since 1998 1. 156/07 Nando’s Australia Pty Ltd TV ad featuring a woman in a business suit describes how she can’t afford to have cravings at work, she is then shown in a g-string and pole dancing. However, the ASB noted that none of the 10 most complained about ads breached the advertising standards code. 0087/14 Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd TV ad highlighting different embarrassing menstrual experiences. 0307/14 Ashley Madison - Avid Life TV ad featuring a married men singing ‘I'm looking for someone other than my wife’. “While people may not wish to see ‘ick-factor’ images of nose-picking or farting on TV, or about dating sites for married people, the content of these advertisements do not breach the codes,” ASB CEO Fiona Jolly said. 0438/14 Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses Billboard pictures a horse lying on its side and the words ‘Is the party really worth it? “When the board considers an advertisement, they can only consider the content of the advertisement, not the product being advertised, and can only consider the specific sections of the Code of Ethics. 0281/14 My Plates TV ad featuring a man picking his nose and wiping it on a car door, his finger is pixelated. Our stats reveal that complaints this year were boosted by a number of ‘big ticket’ ads, with the 10 most complained about ads this year making up over 35 per cent of total complaint numbers.” Jolly said a growing awareness of the ASB was one of the main reasons for the up-tick in complaints. 0201/14 Ultra Tune Australia TV ad featuring two women wearing rubber visiting a tyre store. However while the number of ads complaints were far over the previous 2006 record of 4044, the actual number of advertisement complained about was on average. 0069/14 Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Ltd TV ad highlighting embarrassing menstrual experiences.


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