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We say stop nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and ask him/her out! Nurses are compassionate and patient, and are often great listeners.

If you’re into both brains and beauty, your date can deliver. Your insecurities and body quirks will likely leave your date unfazed.

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Identifying and maintaining the appropriate number and mix of nursing staff is critical to the delivery of quality patient care.

Numerous studies reveal an association between higher levels of experienced RN staffing and lower rates of adverse patient outcomes.

Learn more » When health care employers fail to recognize the association between RN staffing and patient outcomes, laws and regulations become necessary.

A Federal regulation has been in place for some time, 42 Code of Federal Regulations (42CFR 482.23(b) which requires hospitals certified to participate in Medicare to "have adequate numbers of licensed registered nurses, licensed practical (vocational) nurses, and other personnel to provide nursing care to all patients as needed".

The American Nurses Association (ANA) supports a legislative model in which nurses are empowered to create staffing plans specific to each unit.

This approach aides in establishing staffing levels that are flexible and account for changes; including intensity of patient's needs, the number of admissions, discharges and transfers during a shift, level of experience of nursing staff, layout of the unit, and availability of resources (ancillary staff, technology etc.).

Establishing minimum upwardly adjustable staffing levels is statute may also aide the committee in achieving safe and appropriate staffing plans.

States with Staffing Laws 14 states currently addressed nurse staffing in hospitals in law / regulations: CA, CT, IL, MA, MN, NV, NJ, NY, OH, OR, RI, TX, VT, and WA.


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