Flirt to fuck chat rooms - Objectdock weather not updating

I've also tried removing all topics and re-adding: no change.

I have auto-refresh turned on, with an interval of 6 hours. Hi all, this website is for developer issues with AOSP Android not Google apps such as News and Weather.

Nexus 4, using News & Weather app version 1.3.11 News and Weather updating breaks when the "Sci/Tech" topic is selected as one of the topics to show. Please report your issue to "Google mobile help forum" where there are dedicated forums for each Google mobile app - you are much more likely to get a response there.

objectdock weather not updating-61

Objectdock weather not updating

We are not able to provide support for Google products in this issue tracker.

Please use the Google Support site for help at or report this issue in the most appropriate Google Product Forum at!

forum/en/ and especially in!

The default application for news and weather that comes with Android does not update the news correctly.

I have experienced this issue on all 2.2, 2.3, 4.0 and 4.1 versions.

My news topics are in this order: World US Business SCI/TECH The problem is that the "World" topic usually shows news from very old dates up to 1+ month.When refreshing, it changes the articles but they are still outdated for more than weeks.I need to refresh it many times until I get the correct articles of the day. I do not have the prefetch article option selected and clearing the cache or user data does not help.I've experienced the same issue on 2.3 (Droid X), 4.0, and 4.1 (Galaxy Nexus).I have the same news topics in the same order: World, US, Business, SCI/TECH.I've tried removing World to see if the problems only affects the 1st new topic, but none of the other topics have the same error.

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