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In a woman, she may have difficulty in secreting vaginal lubrication or simply not reach orgasm.

Toni Belfield, director of information of the Family Planning Association, agrees that a healthy sexual relationship is both emotional and physical.

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The excitement phase: This is the first stage of sex, when mutual stimulation prepares the vagina (and penis) for sexual intercourse.

The first sign of sexual arousal in the female is the appearance of vaginal lubrication or fluid - which starts to be secreted around 10 to 30 seconds after stimulation.

The amount of fluid increases as excitement builds up.

Making love regularly is an essential part of a healthy relationship, yet many couples are unaware of how much their bodies change during sexual intercourse.

During love making the body goes through four different phases.

These are the excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution phases.Each stage is characterised by certain physical responses and changes.Making love however is not just about the physical body.In order for a person to feel relaxed during sexual intercourse, there are some important psychological factors.If a person is tense or worried, their body can often not perform sex.In a man, this is usually demonstrated in his inability to achieve an erection.


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