Ranting on dating

Surprisingly enough recognizing and managing anger is relatively easy, here’s how! So how do you know if your anger is getting out of control and what can you do about it if you’re raging?

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Let’s face it, at one time or another EVERYBODY gets mad!

Welcome to the website woven for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores.

Carnivores eat meat; herbivores eat plants and vegetables; verbivores devour words.

Christian Bale: Am I going to walk around and rip your ------- lights down, in the middle of a scene?

I'm trying to ------- do a scene here, and I am going "Why the ---- is Shane walking in there? " Do you understand my mind is not in the scene if you're doing that?

You got any ------- idea about, hey, it's ------- distracting having somebody walking up behind Bryce in the middle of the ------- scene? Bale: Well, somebody should be ------- watching and keeping an eye on him. Bale: It's the second time that he doesn't give a ---- about what is going on in front of the camera, all right?

Director Joseph 'Mc G' Mc Ginty Nichol: I didn't see it happen.

Bale: I'm going to ------- kick your ------- ass if you don't shut up for a second!

Bale: Let's not take a ------- minute, let's go again.

Bale: You do it one more ------- time and I ain't walking on this set if you're still hired.

You're a nice guy, but that don't ------- cut it when you're ------- around like this on set.


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