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And while these particular accession files were fairly complete, there was some missing information – the Scott Catalogue numbers, especially – about the artifacts that we wanted to fill in.One thing that is helpful about working with stamps is that most of them are already pre-catalogued for collectors in what are called postage stamp catalogues.At NPM we primarily use Scott Catalogue but there are many others such as Stanley Gibbons and Michel.

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The Scott Catalogue is actually a series of volumes that lists every stamp ever made from all over the world, alphabetically by country.

Under each country is a brief biography along with a pronunciation code which is quite helpful and fun if you are working with unfamiliar names and are a geography junkie!

Philatelists also use the Catalogue to research how much a stamp is worth as the price for an unused stamp is also noted in the listings.

The National Postal Museum has been working closely with the Smithsonian Digitization Program Office this past summer, preparing one of our international specialized collections, the Sidney N.

Shure Collection, for a Rapid Capture digitization project.

We have almost 100 albums in this collection of Palestinian, Israeli and Jordanian stamps and covers mounted on album pages.

With each album averaging 50 pages needing to be numbered, catalogued and entered into our collection database, The Museum System (TMS), we had a lot of work!

As a preservation specialist, I usually work with artifacts after all of their cataloguing is completed, so I was excited to take a few steps back into the life of an accessioned artifact and help in this process.

In order to catalogue an artifact we need to be able to describe it as accurately as possible.


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