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), or just check out your state, disagree immediately, and say terrible things in the comments. Alabama Alabama might not be the most robust of craft beer scenes, but thanks to a relatively recent movement to increase the ABV limit beyond the former 6% limit, “new” styles are popping up to blow away expectations set by the (ride-on) lawnmower beers that dominate.The best of them all is Back Forty, which for half a decade has been tearing up the farmland courtesy of its flagship Naked Pig, Truck Stop Honey Brown, a peach wheat, and even a saison, which beforehand would have been unheard of in ‘Bama, and now ranks among the state’s best offerings.

Maybe that's why Midnight Sun excels so thoroughly at turning out big, attention-grabbing beers like its Gluttony Triple IPA and Berserker Imperial Stout, aged in both red wine and whiskey barrels for a complex flavor profile that you're likely to enjoy whether or not you enjoyed the movie When you pull off a stunning Cinderella run as a 13 seed to win Thrillist's Beer Madness, you know it's your year, and that you have a legion of loyal fans who are willing to sit at home and vote (repeatedly! Ozark Brewing Company (address and info) Opened in late 2013, Ozark has already garnered significant attention both within Arkansas and regionally (and among aficionados of fantastic can design).

Speaking of, it's worked to upgrade its canning line to keep up with statewide demand for brews like its American Pale Ale and Belgian Style Golden Strong (it likes to let the names speak for themselves).

California possesses such an embarrassment of beer riches that this sentence could name check 30 breweries and people would STILL hem and haw about the ones that didn't even merit a mention, so let's not even go down that road, okay? The fact is, there are literally dozens of beyond-worthy California breweries, but only one of them makes Pliny.

Here in the USA we might have our differences, but there's one thing everyone can agree on: beer is wonderful.

Well, actually, there are the people who don't drink beer for religious reasons, or because they're terrified of developing a beer belly, or because they (for some insane reason) don't like the taste.

Forget it, there is NOTHING that everyone in America can agree on, least of all beer.

With that in mind, sorting out the best brewery in every state is a daunting endeavor.

Thrillist has writers and editors stationed throughout this fine land (now even in Hawaii!

), and we had plenty of heated disagreements just among ourselves. If two breweries are pretty damn close in quality and one is providing beer to MANY more people, that could tip the scales.


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