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Hi, there are some plain to see and some very accurate comments in the following article, but it has completely overlooked the fact that though it may have been dependent on Nigel Farage’s schtick that was the driving force of the party and realisticly its only asset, it is that very schtick that has left them dead in the water without competence, charisma or anyone of leadership stature.

However as the party was dependent on one man who lacked fundamental OQ and was a catastrophic leader they were dependent on him to such an extent that they did not realise that those he appointed around him were largely social inadequates and scoundrels, who without his impramature on their appointment would never have risen from the gutter in which they belonged – hence the loyalty they had to give him to stay in position.

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Thus it may well be recognised that it was Farage and his schtick that made the party but ultimately it is Farage who destroyed the party, which is lost without that particular schtick and populism asd there is absolutely no one of integrity, with OQ and leadership ability, to take over and build a real politicakl party out of the mess Farqage has causedf and left behind him.

We can expect Farage to return when he discovers he has no new home to go to – Germany are unlikely to grant him a passport as he has not fulfilled the required years of residence, America wouldn’t want him with his record as an underling with REFCO when its senior personelle would up in prison, when Farage has had speaking tours where he has spoken to empty halls save only when he was given a chance by supporting a bigger fish domicile in a bigtger gutter, once known as the Republican Party, a man who like the barbel is a bottom feeder who has even alienated the GOP in his scrabble for populism.

Look around and you will note how Farage, Nicola Sturgeon, Alec Salmon, Donald Trump and their i9lk have so clearly emulated the politics of Oswold Moseley as they pander to a failed underclass – who wish to blame their failure on anyone but themselves.

Astonishingly Nigel Farage’s Ukip project failed to top the numbers Oswold Moseley reached as paid up members of his party – Farage failed despite giving free memberships and counting the dead to beat Moseleys Party membership!

Now we se the rats desrting the sinking ship of Ukip, but this is largely because there are only rats seeking their own gain left in the core of Ukip!

IF NIGEL FARAGE detected a little bafflement in the crowd at the Coliseum on the matter of his identity and relevance to American politics, he did not let on.

Donald Trump had invited the outgoing leader of the right-populist UK Independence Party (UKIP) to stump for him in Jackson, Mississippi.

“I’ll keep it short,” Mr Farage assured his host, not quite off-mic, as he bounded onto the stage.

“I come to you from the United Kingdom with a message of hope,” he gushed as his audience cheered (whoever this guy was, he sure seemed upbeat).

Then they went wild for: “We made June 23rd our independence day when we smashed the establishment!

” Mr Farage, without whom Britain’s vote for Brexit probably would not have happened, could not have been happier. Which is odd: UKIP has just altered the course of British history, has soared ahead in recent local government elections, is ideally placed to hassle Theresa May’s government to move harder and faster towards Brexit and stands on the brink of toppling the Labour Party, divided and incompetent, in its doughty northern English strongholds where working-class voters backed Brexit.


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