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Besides, you can’t mess with an actual prince; that just ups his attractiveness. For those who like someone with a bit more edge, Snake is the definite man for them.

Now comes the hard part, you actually need to talk to the girl. If they don’t respond when they first see the message, then they probably never will. This makes YOU look bad because you made her feel stupid! For the love of all that is holy don’t ask her if she likes big fat cocks!

What is that magic one-liner that will make her drop her panties, and come running all wet and willing your way? However, after a shit ton of testing, I’ve found the perfect way to get her begging for it. Girls saw me on Tinder and swiped left most of the time. AND they were the first to ask to meet up in person! Don’t send them an unsolicited picture and don’t ask them.

These pick-up lines are getting insane response rates! And the ones that did swipe right, never freakin’ responded to my messages. It’s so frustrating to spend all that time and mental energy and not even get a response! Point being: just because you are behind a screen on Tinder doesn’t mean you should text something you wouldn’t say in real life. Beautiful girls have to deal with these guys all the time, and therefore are defensive until you show them that you are not one of them (you’re not right? Just make the first couple of texts about stuff that shows that you are NOT a weirdo.

It’s easy to find lots of lists on some of the hottest women in gaming, but what about the men?

There are plenty of attractive male protagonists in the world of gaming and so to match every hottest female list out there, here’s one just about the fellas.

The most swoon-worthy of recent leading video game men, Nathan Drake has it all.

Rugged good looks, a great sense of humor, athleticism and good aim.

He’s the epitome of a perfect video game guy; he even has multiple women swooning after him, for good reason.

The Prince from Prince of Persia is as suave as he is cunning. Kratos is the fittest of fit and he truly has to be. And although he might pale in comparison to the size of these deities, if he stood next to the average person, it’d feel like he was just as big as they are to him.

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