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Saran's first screen appearance was in the music video of "Tirakthi Kyon Hawa" by Reenu Nathan, which she was given to chance to perform in by her dance teacher who had recommended her.

The video shot at she became one of the top actresses of the south Indian film industry.

Her later movies, such as Nuvve Nuvve and Bhageeratha, earned her many accolades.

She had one of the biggest hits in her career with Chatrapati opposite .

He is married to Aarti, who Saran describes her relationship with her "like a house on fire".

As a kid, Saran claims to have "pooled her pocket money that she was given over a period of time and give it to a blind school".

When Shriya was 17, her family moved to Delhi because she was passionate to learn to face the fire of political parties and organisations in recent times.

Shriya then tendered an unconditional apology for “wearing inappropriate skimpy attire”.


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