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Static websites are easy to host and typically very fast.

I developed Cactus because I wanted a standard, easy system that designers at Sofa could use to build and deploy fast websites.

So typical users would be designers that are tech-savvy, want to use templates, but don't like to mess with setting up django or S3.

You can find more discussion about static site generators in this Hacker News discussion.

To start editing and previewing your site type the following.

Then point your browser to localhost:8000 and start editing.

It brings a set of great new features like asset fingerprinting, an asset pipeline, pretty urls, native Mac filesystem events, automatic nameserver configuration, support for multiple deployment backends (Google Sites) and more.

Large parts of the code have been rewritten, accompanied by an extensive suite of unit tests.

Many thanks to Thomas Orozco and other contributors.Cactus is a simple but powerful static website generator using Python and the Django template system.Cactus also makes it easy to develop locally and deploy your site to S3 directly.It works great for company, portfolio, personal, support websites and blogs.To get a quick overview watch this short video tutorial.Cactus is based on the idea that most dynamic features on websites these days can be done using Javascript while the actual site can stay static.


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