Skype id for onlinesex

A female blackmailer who persuades men to have online sex then demands money is being hunted by police.The woman, who calls herself Cathy Wong, woman befriends her victims on Facebook and then asks them to Skype her.

She demands £3,000 via money transfer and when the men refuse she threatens to upload their video onto You Tube.

Three men – all students living in the same area – have already come forward telling the same story although officers fear the scam could be worldwide and run by criminal gangs.

Detectives in York have issued an urgent warning about the woman and are warning internet users, particularly students, to be on their guard.

DAVISON, MI – A Davison man was ordered to remain in federal custody after authorities claim he enticed at least 20 boys to perform live sex acts for him online. The Davison man's name is not being released because he has not yet been indicted or arraigned on the allegations.

District Magistrate Judge Stephanie Dawkins Davis ruled Tuesday, June 14, that the man will remain in custody until trial following a Department of Homeland Security investigation into child pornography allegations.

Investigators, in an affidavit filed June 9 with a federal criminal complaint, claim the investigation into the Davison man began in September 2015 when agents began looking into an anonymous Internet-based bulletin board that is dedicated to the advertisement, distribution and production of child pornography.The affidavit claims investigators were able to track an IP address used to access and download child pornography from the bulletin board back to the suspect.A search warrant was executed June 8 at the suspect's Hemlock Drive home and the suspect agreed to an interview, according to the affidavit.The suspect allegedly told investigators he searched for child pornography daily.He also allegedly told investigators he posed as a female on Skype, an online video chat service, to entice at least 20 minor boys to engage in sexual acts on a live video stream.The affidavit alleges the suspect also made contact with another adult male on Skype in May who committed sexually-explicit acts over video chat with a 5-year-old child he had access to.


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