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Petersburg's airport paid a visit to Milwaukee airport's Harley Davidson-themed event to create one of the most interesting spectacles on this year's Routes 2013 exhibition floor.The booth for Panama City's Tocumen International Airport tried to lure visitors with dancers in traditional Panamanian dress.

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The overhead clock let delegates keep a close watch on how much time remained in their 20-minute sessions.

Oakland International Airport used its booth to play up its proximity to the top attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area – an important consideration for airlines considering service to a new airport.

While most Routes booths focused on airports, there were a few that were few state or provincial tourism boards.

This one for Saskatchewan featured green screens and props that allowed visitors to pose for humorous pictures in front of Saskatchewan landmarks.

No, the airport executives weren't in Las Vegas to meet a new spouse – but they were looking for new partners – as in airlines.

And the effects from those Vegas speed dates could eventually be felt at an airport near you.PHOTOS: Airline speed-dating: Behind the scenes at World Routes 2013It's all part of the annual 19th annual World Routes conference, a forum that pairs airport and airline executives.Routes' signature approach lets airline and airport officials schedule meetings in a series of rapid-fire, one-on-one sessions in which the airports can make their pitch for airline service."We have a clock that counts down and when it hits 20 minutes, time's up and they have to move on to their next meeting," Mayes says.Mayes says Routes scheduled "around 8,000 one-to-one meetings" during three days of sessions that ended Tuesday.But in typical Vegas style, the event was a spectacle in itself.Showgirls mixed with ballerinas representing Russian airports.


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