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It trains them to ask for dates a lot earlier in advance.

I want someone who has their own deal, and who thinks that what I do is 'weird.' " Oh, we're sorry, is what you say and do now supposed to be normal??

We're pretty sure that busted, delusional famewhores are not only weird to everyone, but always obnoxious and pathetic!

But thanks for embracing the fact that you're a ho! Tags: barf, break up, dumbass, famewhores, fug, gross, josh hansen, meth face, slut, twitter, ugh This is so crazy.

After the devastating breakup with her fiance Luke Worrall, Kelly Osbourne is already getting cozy with BMX biker Josh Hansen.

The two were spotted have dinner at Katsuya on Wednesday, along with attending Ozzfest together and spending time with her family. Unfortunely, Hansen has made some bad decisions like dating Stephanie Pratt.

Ugh, just be good to Kelly and we'll be willing to forgive you.

[ Listening to Stephanie Pratt speak is like being stabbed repeatedly with thousands of FUG, meth-faced, tiny little knives.

Listening to Stephanie Pratt speak about being slutty with various men is like pouring kerosine on the previously mentioned knives stabbing you, and then lighting a match. The gutter troll recently opened up about her dumbass Twitter break-up with Josh Hansen, and revealed: "I'm seeing two guys right now, and it's actually way more fun than seeing one guy.

I've never done something like this before, but it's really quite lovely!

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