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If a man wishes to submit to me, he must do just that...submit. We shared a kiss and exchanged numbers and here we were a week later on a dinner date.

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These feelings make me feel much more masculine than feminine as a rule. I lightly drag my finger nails across his back and down his chest stopping at his nipple.

When this particular mood strikes, I like to see my sub dress up for me. His penis stood at a attention, or should I say my penis, For I am the one that owns it, controls it, decides its fate. When I am working and it is not interesting I play the "Panty Game" That is the one where you are in a meeting or in a seminar or just in your normal office environment and you think....."who in this population of suited men are wearing panties? The following is a long short story about an actual scene with My former slave.

Nothing has been changed; the photo was taken that day.

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So I took some time away from ep and the internet in genera; but I'm back. Before I was more into pleasing others but this time is about me. He must have been watching because he came over to me and begin to push and pull my chair...

Not that the ***** in my *** hurt but my **** was so sensitive it was unbearable to have it stroked.

After I exploded into the flesh light I tried my best to slow the rocking of the chair.

i am a young submissive male, i need to be owned and branded by a mistress. I've been dreaming about being submissive since my first fantasy.

i want her to torture me and make do unthinkable things that would harm me but please her. I can remember tying both my legs to my bed and one hand and then ************ as my first sexual experience. They do not even have to give me any kind of sex, I just adore being around young women who find pleasure in dominating men.

my outlook on life is simple, i will please my mistress any way possible. Despite this inclination, I lead a mostly vanilla life until my 40's. Just to look into a young woman's eyes and see her smile as a result of her administering... I will do as I please and, as I have said to some, a man may comply with my wishes, commands, idle comments or he may leave. I just met her last week and we were both drunk at the bar.


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