Things liquidating

The purpose of most of the anecdotes below is to demonstrate the amount of time and money lost by those who decide to handle the personal property from estates on their own.These same people will hire a Realtor to sell the house and an attorney to handle the will, but lose significant time and money by not hiring a professional to assist with the liquidation of the personal property.

********************************************** It's all just math... I recently received a call from a university professor that was retiring after forty five years.

This is what he told me: He had been an avid collector of books and had collected almost 20,000 of them.

Since he was moving a considerable distance and to smaller quarters, he could only keep about 3,000.

With that in mind he had called the garbage company and had them drop off a large dumpster which he filled with books several times (at a cost of over $500 per dumpster).

He was really glad to have all that "taken care of" but was calling me because he had a large dining room set that he wanted to sell for top dollar. ********************************************** Just couldn't figure out any way except the dump...

Postscript: The amount he spent throwing away the books (which I would have loved to have) was far more than the value of the dining table (which he will never be able to sell at his asking price). Yesterday I was unloading some trash at the landfill and a guy pulled up alongside me with a truck full of vintage stuff (I could see military uniforms, Roseville and Hull pottery, paintings, two beautiful floor lamps, fly rods, oak chairs, etc.who knows what was in all the closed boxes and bags). About eight months ago I got a call from a woman whose parents had moved to a retirement home.She wanted to know what to do with the items that they had not taken with them.I explained that all she needed to do was keep what she wanted and I would handle everything else.She finally called back a couple of weeks ago (never a good sign) and I went to see the residence.Here is what I was told: * Most of the furniture had been hauled home to her garage where she tried to sell it on Craig'slist.

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