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Each language, and the countries that speak that language, have different expectations when it comes to how numbers (including currency and percentages) and dates should appear.Obviously, each language has different names for the days of the week and the months of the year.But they also have different expectations for the structure of dates, such as what order the day, month and year are in.

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A user using an application should be able to read and write dates and numbers in the format they are accustomed to.

This library makes this possible, providing an API to convert user-entered number and date strings - in their own format - into actual numbers and dates, and conversely, to format numbers and dates into that string format.

Even if the application deals only with the English locale, it may still need globalization to format programming language bytes into human-understandable language and vice-versa in an effective and reasonable way.

For example, to display something better than "Edited 1 minutes ago".

Globalize provides number formatting and parsing, date and time formatting and parsing, currency formatting, message formatting (ICU message format pattern), and plural support. Globalize is based on the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR), the largest and most extensive standard repository of locale data available.

CLDR is constantly updated and is used by many large applications and operating systems, so you'll always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date locale data.

Globalize needs CLDR content to function properly, although it doesn't embed, hard-code, or host such content.

Instead, Globalize empowers developers to load CLDR data the way they want.

Vanilla CLDR in its official JSON format (no pre-processing) is expected to be provided.


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