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The best online dating sites in Ukraine are equal in quality to the best online dating sites in Russia.

These two big cities have the largest pools of singles from which to choose. In fact, some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life come from this part of the world.

Men in the Ukraine are outnumbered as Ukraine has one of the lowest sex ratios (ratio of males to females) of any country in the world. If you decide to sign up for one of the dating sites I discuss below, you will see what I’m talking about.

In fact, the other countries in this region also have low sex ratios. As is the case with most online dating sites, you will at times come across sketchy or fake profiles.

Poorly written profiles or overly Photoshopped photos are usually the red flags. Ukraine Ukraine Date is the best online dating site in Ukraine.

Without further ado, here is the quick list of the top two dating sites in the Ukraine. This site is where I would focus 95% of my energy if I was looking for a Ukrainian woman to date.

As is the case with pretty much all sites run by Cupid Media, it has a beautiful interface with a ton of useful features such as chat, identity verification (important to make sure that people are who they say they are), and an intuitive messaging system.

I was a long time member of one of the sister sites of Ukraine Date, Afro, while I was living in both Mauritius and South Africa as an expatriate.

I used their Brazilian site, Brazil when I was in Brazil and actually ended up meeting my wife on there.

In short, going with a Cupid Media-run site like Ukraine Date will put you in the best position for success.

A search for women living in Kiev between 18 and 35 years old who have been active on the site within the last 3 months will turn up more than 1000 profiles.

If you have your heart set on Ukrainian women, then Ukraine Date is worth your time and money.


  1. Unlike Cody, I don’t have the patience to wait on hold, or be placed in a revolving door of automated prompts.

  2. We started emailing that day and by the end of the week we had figured out we could talk via an app on our phones, we knew we liked each other and we clicked really well - even though we are from different ends of the earth!

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