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Hi, I've an Asus P5Q-E motherboard (775) and I've just installed a Xeon processor E5450 (771) with this mod. I have the board (Same as OP, P5Q-E) and adapter ready but didn't buy the CPU yet. EDIT: CPU was cheap enough so I bought it, flashed with this BIOS, everything works perfectly. I really would like to use this bios mod, but my Asus p5q says the size is different form my current BIOS. Hi, I've an Asus P5Q-E motherboard (775) and I've just installed a Xeon processor E5450 (771) with this mod. Hi everyone, I'm just arrived in this forum after searching for days and days some more infos about this subject.

The system looks to work fine but I get a kind of error during Bios Boot. Dual core will be more than enough power for what I'm using it for and that CPU is significantly cheaper than the Quads or even the 1333FSB Dual core variants. The system looks to work fine but I get a kind of error during Bios Boot. After reading this thread I think it seems too easy to buy now a E5450 (now their prices are low) and get it working on a P5Q-E but I need some more info about it: My Asus P5Q-E actually run BIOS 1901 (the actual CPU is an old Intel Q9300) and on the web I read that also after updating it to 2101 the OS was not stable.

updating ami bios windows 7-43

Curious if this BIOS would also be appropriate for an X5272 (Dual Core, 3.4Ghz/6M/1600) CPU? Motherboard: Asus p5q CPU: Xeon E5450Thanks a lot !

Also I've seen that the posts are old, so now I need to ask to all this thread writers if definitely the BIOS 2101-771 get all the system stable (I use MS Windows 7 ultimate x64, is it combatible with the P5Q-E and the Xeon E5450 after this BIOS update? Also I need to understand if once for some reason I would come back to use a native socket775 cpu (Intel core2 Quad 8xxx/9xxx) I can do it?

Or Once updating the BIOS to the version 2101-771 the P5Q-E will not work anymore with native socket775 cpus?

Using Secure Boot on a notebook computer with Windows 8 Using Secure Boot on a desktop computer with Windows 8 Frequently Asked Questions about Secure Boot in Windows 8 Troubleshooting problems with Secure Boot in Windows 8 This document pertains to HP and Compaq PCs with Windows 8 and Secure Boot.

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