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Here’s my little Lexi-bug, helping me out with the painting!

Life is always pretty busy at our house, with homework and activities and drama generated by five kids.

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Paul’s been hard at work, on a related DIY project for the girls’ room – yes, like all our projects, this one turned into a whole lot more than we initially planned for. I’ve painted SO MANY KIDS’ BEDROOMS, you don’t even know. None has covered so completely and quickly as this Disney paint by Glidden.

Fortunately, he and I both seem to do our best work under pressure and with deadlines looming over us, so we managed to get all the big stuff done in the girls’ room before he had to leave town to visit family. The girls’ bedroom started out with bright green paint on one wall, and builder-grade white on the other walls. I painted lots of freehand details around the room, which will only show at night when the lights are out – but you don’t need to have any artistic talent at all to use this stuff!

And I have to say, I am so excited to finish this room up and snap some pictures! On the white walls, I had to use two coats to cover, since they were practically untouched from original construction – and that was pretty much what I expected. And it truly is low-odor – I didn’t feel like I needed to keep the windows open all day long while I was painting, which was nice, since one of my painting days occurred during one of our freaky Colorado-springtime blizzards! You can use the room painter feature on the Disney Paint website to pick your colors and finishes, try out how various templates will look on the walls, and then print out your whole plan right from the site.

Today he had a play date and three more baby boys were in his room.

Now her mom has to clean up the room but she is already too tired. It can be really hard to look after a naughty boy after all!

It’s Wednesday, I’m alive, full of Grace and so motivated!!! Please follow our diy tutorial, which was a breeze. Hope, Faith and new possibilities; And I just cannot wait to begin!!! Any questions regarding this DIY contact me via email!! I will be posting each little corner of there room as we go! I usually use paint but decided to go with spray paint this time around. Entering a new business venture and going back to school for my BA in Interior Design is going to be so challenging, but I know what awaits our little family behind that new door. Firstly, we need to finish every single project we originally had in our to do list in order to move on to the next journey in our lives!! Getting our girls bump beds, giving them a chalkboard wall and styling it with their taste is truly everything! I sanded some parts of the dresser Clean, beautiful and our own! This year so many doors have been opened and I am so totally excited to begin! Remember anything is possible you just have to believe, work hard for it and never ever give up!! I will have a big reveal post in a week or so, once everything finally comes together.For now, I wanted to fill you in on how things have been going!

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