Updating jeppfd

You can help keep these downloads fast and available to others by seeding this torrent until the next cycle (2 weeks) and seeding the above torrent forever! Enroute location is displayed on the enroute charts, but not on airport charts. This torrent is a Terminal Chart update and not a Nav Data update...correct?

updating jeppfd-39

want maximum clarity for the end-user, I suppose, since there's no way, in-app, to verify what's actually installed, without checking for the presence (or absence) of specific procedures that are known to have been changed, using the Chart Change Notice.

team releases the torrent based on the availability of the terminal chart update, but it includes the most recently released enroute data and manuals.

This isn't really Navdata, so I'm not sure that the Navdata cycle numbering would be appropriate.

Includes coverage codes and an files inside the torrent, as well as PDF files of the manuals.

Drop the manuals directly into i Tunes and sync to i Books, the manuals do NOT install in Jepp FD.

This torrent provides everything you need to update your Jeppesen Navdata on a Windows PC running Jepp View or to load this data into an i Pad.

*NEW* See the documents inside the torrent for installation instructions.

I would appreciate any feedback on these instructions.

If you have the ability to seed for a long period of time, please download and reseed https://thepiratebay.ee/torrent/6734659/Jeppview_3.2___Cycle_0901 even if you do not need it.

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